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Are you experiencing stagnation in your flow? Are you lacking motivation or positivity? Do you feel that you are not fully using your potential? Are you feeling blocked? Drained? Do you want to take back control over your wellbeing? Or do you simply crave more inner peace?

Usually, we are the ones standing in our own way. Limiting our beliefs about what is possible. 


It can be challenging to find out what exactly is blocking you. Why you are not succeeding or keeping yourself back. Oftentimes, old patterns limit us. We run into repeating thoughts, emotions, and situations that hold us back from living in ease and flow. 

In this one of a kind in-depth session, I will use the Healy Frequency Analyzer to do a chakra reading. Working with Healy enables you to work on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers at the same time, which is very powerful. 


Tapping into your unconscious processes we can find out what is keeping you back. I will share with you tools to use in your daily life to overcome your challenges and inspire you to reclaim your inner power and freedom. The session ends with a personalized healing of your current blocks with the Healy Resonance, so you will feel revived, energetic and free again.

After the session, I will create a personalized workbook for you with the results of your chakra reading, suggestions for meditations, journaling prompts, affirmations, exercises and/or book suggestions suited to your situation.

You will be empowered to know that everything you need is already inside of you!

What Healy can do

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, depression, sleeping disorders, and modern-day diseases: so many people are struggling to find balance in life.


You cannot live from your inner power if you do not first make feeling good a priority. Your mental and emotional balance is so important for a joyful life, to feel free and be ready to step into your best life!

Do you want to:

✔️ actively stay healthy and be fit? 

✔️ better cope with everyday challenges, sleep problems, and stress?

✔️ restore the balance between your body, mind, and soul?

✔️ embrace a more holistic approach to your wellbeing and health?
✔️ experience more joy and vitality, while improving your self-esteem?

✔️ reclaim your natural state of peace and serenity?
✔️ release old emotional patterns and bust through blocks?

✔️ raise your frequency and tap into your inner power and higher consciousness?

What would it mean to you if you could take back control over your life, health, and wellbeing? 

If you could undo the effects of stress and imbalances?

If you could restore your inner peace with one simple device? 

Healy can do that for you. 

Are you ready to reclaim your freedom & inner power? Book your session now or read more about Healy here.

Karina heeft me een healing gegeven met de Healy. Ik vond het echt bizar welke thema's naar boven kwamen door de chakra reading. Ik geef zelf dansles gebaseerd op de chakras, dus ik was erg benieuwd naar de lezing en ik ben positief verrast door de werking en de heling die daarop volgde. Thanks Karina, voor de fijne kennismaking met de Healy!

MIJKE, owner soulplay

It was quite an experience, being “read” by the Healy. It seems to work simple, but it gives so much recognizable information! Therefore we immediately had a meaningful conversation. Karina explains everything very clearly. She makes you feel at ease with her lively and open personality. The device is programmed to raise my frequency in specific areas. At that moment I didn’t feel a lot, but in the days after I felt more relaxed and like I could breathe more. Healy is supposed to work for migraines (among other things), so I will be back to test that as well!

Thank you Karina!

Healy ckakra reading experiences

LONNEKE, Chakra dance coach

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