Business Coaching - 1 session

Business Coaching - 1 session

I believe there is no competition, as long as you work from your heart.

If you want to create a business that is a reflection of your dreams, of what you find important, of what you feel drawn to and compelled to do, you are on the right track. And as long as you believe in it, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will succeed. That is why I do not coach just any starting entrepreneur. I only coach entrepreneurs with a dream. 


I have been an entrepreneur for 12 years in events & travel and transformational programs myself. Before that I had professional careers in sales, human talent and the events & incentive industry. I have always followed my heart and dared to walk the unbeaten track. My entrepreneurship and career have given me knowhow and valuable lessons into what matters most.


I want to share my experience with enthousiastic entrepreneurs that have a dream too.  


I can advise you about the following:

-defining your business

-goals, intentions & dreams: heart-based entrepreneurship

-your unique selling points

-conceptual thinking and creativity

-building your brand: (web)design and social media

-setting goals and intentions

-negotiating, setting prices & knowing your worth

-work/life balance

-inspiration and creativity

-marketing and sales from the heart

-overcoming fear and doubt

-professionalising your business: legal matters, finances, insurances, etc. 


Feel free to contact me before you place a booking to see if we have a match. 


    You can book a free intake of 30 minutes here, to see if we have a match.

  • Information

    - Duration per session is 60 minutes

    - Sessions ar through Skype or in person (Amsterdam only)

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