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I read today about the ancient masters that spoke of the 'Time of the Seven Heavens', foretelling the dawn of a new era and a new human. One rising up, bringing light amidst darkness, creating a new destiny for mankind.

I have always believed that this kind of disruptive change would happen in my lifetime, and have felt the quickening of it since the (in)famous year of 2012, leading up to the crescendo of what humanity has been going through for the past few years.

Yes, we can awaken to what is happening in the world. Complain about it, discuss it until eternity, and show the world what is wrong with it.

But, I believe we are being asked to DO something about it.

We are being asked to actively participate in the quantum leap that is available to us now. Igniting that in us we know in our hearts we came here for.

For me, it is helping others with shedding everything that they do not need anymore: beliefs, programming, constructs, limitations. Offering insights so they remember who they truly are. Showing the spaciousness that comes with liberation. Offering tools & possibilities to shed, grow, evolve, and thrive.

And then ultimately: creating a ripple. Bringing together the wayshowers, the lightworkers, the pathfinders to amplify our work.

Birthing a new paradigm.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. What are you here to create? Much love, Karina

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