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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

On this last day of turbulent 2020, it’s time to stand still for a moment and overlook where we came from, where we are now at this pivotal moment in time and where we are headed in 2021.

So, I did a reading for all you lovely truth warriors, path showers, and awakeners out there.

Let’s start with the fact that ALL the cards turned out reversed (upside down)! Although this looks like a bad omen to some people, don’t be alarmed as usually, they hold a deeper meaning and blessing in disguise. I find it typical and highly matching the energy and status quo of this year, in which everything was upside down too. In which everything that was right was suddenly labeled as bad. Where heroes were treated as devils and devils as saints. A year that many people would label as a disaster, but that actually is a blessing. Dark to light then, even in the cards.

Past: Five of Cups (reversed)

The first card I pulled is for the past. It is Five of Cups (reversed). This card turning up shows us we are realizing the full implications of the past, which is of course true if we look at everything that came up and the truth most of us have been exposed to this year. We may recognize the value of the painful experiences -standing apart in your opinions from most everyone you know and love, having loved ones wanting to ‘socially distancing’, opening up to the ugly truth- and see them in the broader scheme of things -the direction we are headed, the need for this upturning of society, to break down the old in order to create the new.


The Five of Cups reversed serve as a reminder that we cannot undo the past and it is time to let go of what no longer serves us. To open up to what is laying ahead of us, the new earth, and to open up to the new possibilities this time is bringing us.

Present: King of Swords (reversed)

The King of Swords represents ‘quite power’. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is that we stand for our truth and that we will not falter, even if it means that we stand apart from everyone else and from everything society tells us. We may belong to the few, but we will become the many. In us has arisen a power that is unprecedented for most of us and that we will likely not see again in our lifetime.


The King of Sword shows us our power and our authority come from within. We have cultivated an unwavering belief in ourselves, in our truth, and our commitment to stand firm in our truth. We do not allow others to steer us away from that. Instead, we prefer to let our higher selves guide us.

Future: Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

This card for our future is also quite typical for this year. It is about the two timelines we had going on. While the reversed Wheel of Fortune might be seen as a bad omen, the reversal of luck, but that is not what it is trying to show us for 2021. That is a reminder of the timeline of doom and we have broken away from that, especially after the 21st of December.


The interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune that represents our very future and our present timeline is about finally breaking the negative cycle of fear, illusion, and world domination that we have been living in. We are purging our own old constructs, limiting beliefs and patterns too. We have come to finally realize how they were holding ourselves back as a person and as society as a whole and we are ready to break free from this cycle. Break free from the matrix.

2020 has been the year to show up and purge everything from our lives and society that we do not want anymore.

2021: here we come. More prepared and aware than ever. With our armors of truth and our swords of love. We will cut through any illusion and are determined to change this narrative and claim our fortune.

Wishing you a lovely shift from the old to the new and a very happy, AWAKE, peaceful, joyous, abundant new year! Love, Karina

Deck: Everyday Tarot by Biddy Tarot



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