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It's the crazy ones

I have always believed business is the vessel that contains both the creative power AND the executive power to bring change into the world. Before, when I still had my event business organizing conscious events, I believed we could do that through the corporate world, as their impact on the world is so great. But that was before I knew what I know now. I now see that it is the crazy ones, the lone wolves, the visionaries, the odd ones out. Because vision is rare and visionaries are often too early to be understood (and don't live in packs). But THAT is changing now, with the (re)emergence of communities. Of like-minded people starting to unite. To co-create from their hearts. Soul Tribes coming together. Finding each other by pure resonance, synchronicity, and the magnetic powers of our big hearts wanting to bring change. Believing in possibilities where no one else sees them yet. Are you one of them and looking for your tribe? Do you feel the desire to join one of those visionary, innovative communities? Learn, grow, and co-create with like-minded souls? A tribe that nourishes your SOUL, believes in YOU, SEES you. That KNOWS the positive direction the world is headed. That believes in being of service to the world, but ALSO in bringing one's own visions and innermost desires to life? WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. In January I am starting a mentorship. A business accelerator for conscious & holistic entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting or established, but craving more authenticity and expansion. I'll be mentoring a select group from my 16 years of heart-based entrepreneurship experience, my energy work, a proven, leveraged business model AND my soul mission to help others step into their mission and RISE.

Watch the replay of my webinar RISE to learn how. Love, Karina



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