Healy & the Age of Aquarius

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We are living in exciting times! No matter what side you look at it: not many people will deny that the world is changing at a rapid pace. This has been going on for years, especially since 2012, but we can all see that 2020 has turned out to be the 'crown year' (crown = corona!).

We are entering the Age of Aquarius. The 'golden age', The Great Awakening.

Prophesied by indigenous tribes from all over the world for centuries. Long-awaited by the spiritual community. A time when we would all overcome our differences and heal the earth and its people. Birthing a new, prosperous, abundant era in which peace, love & harmony will rule.

If you feel you have a role in this shift, if you are a lightworker, coach, energy worker, healer or holistic practitioner have a look at this talk I had with Maaike Pieters. Maaike is an astrologer and one of my Healy partners.

We talk about how why Healy is a typical Age of Aquarius product. About the great transition of our time, freedom, abundance & co-creating the new earth.

With Healy you can create your own unique services, set-up or scale your business, bring healing and coaching online, and serve even more people.

Healy is the next evolution in health, wellness, spirituality, and bio-hacking shared by a conscious community determined to make an impact. And you can be part of it. Receiving high-level coaching and guidance, all the while living your genius.

Contact me if you want to know how you too can incorporate Healy in your business or go ahead and book a free Healy analysis & healing so you can try it out yourself.

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