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A shift into a hopeful future

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Many feel we live in apocalyptic times. Understandably so. The world seems to be a place of hostility, unrest, war, hunger, poverty. The political circus, the state of our natural resources, the disconnection in Western society, food scandals, it doesn't get any better. Add in the AI revolution, which is anticipated to make millions of jobs redundant and could result in a Terminator II kind of reality. In these times it is easy to let the hopelessness, the fear, the evil defeat you, and get the better of you.

We could just as well make ourselves up for the End of Times.

I feel very hopeful though. I am not afraid. I am filled with joy and a sense of adventure for the future ahead. I certainly do not close my eyes for the sadness and desolation. I cry my eyes out if I watch the news (which is why I never do). The reason I feel hopeful is that I see the opportunity for massive awakening these times have to offer. I think that the change we need is already here. We are in the midst of it. And man, we are in for the greatest revolution of all times.

In the past few centuries we handed over our authority. We have come to expect leaders of all kinds to protect us, sustain us, have our best interest in mind. Politicians, world leaders, managers, physicians, media, teachers, guru’s even. People in charge. People that we trusted. We expected our politician systems to hold the peace, health, happiness and prosperity of our countries and it's neighbours’ at their highest regard. A health industry that would place our actual health above profit. Food producers that would ensure the safety and nutritious value of their products. Media that would have the truth and nothing but the truth as their motive. Schools that would lovingly guide our children to become responsible, kind and flourishing human beings. We thought our leaders would take serious responsibility for the sustainability of our earth. Sadly, there’s no denying that ‘authority’ never had these objectives high on their agenda’s.

A wonderful thing is happening. Our current situation is making more and more people stand up, rise to the occasion and decide to take matters in their own hands. There are tons of examples in numerous fields. Innovative community projects popping up all over the world. The ‘Yellow Vests’ movement being picked up all over Europe, as people tell their governments 'no more'. Volunteers stepping up, aiding refugees, the homeless or the elderly. Parents that decide to homeschool their children, as they no longer have faith in the system. Employees quitting their jobs, starting to follow their hearts and choosing entrepreneurship over burnout. New inventions, bypassing the old systems, like crowdfunding or disruptive startup solutions. Teenagers coming up with innovative answer for plastic waste or in a way traditional leaders could not even fathom.

People all over the world are rising up. Taking matters into their own hands.

What is happening will bring a shift in consciousness. We've had revolutions before, but none as impressive and transforming as in these times. People are waking up this time. More and more people are realising that if we do not take matters in own hands, no one else will. There is tremendous power in that. The power to take back responsibility. To think for oneself. Taking ownership. It is true that in these beginning stages some people are angry, ready for violence even. But this anger is old, repressed. Finally coming up to be released and transformed. From that anger a new sense of purpose and inner power will arise.

Once we have crossed the threshold, a beautiful future will arise. One in which a new breed of authentic leaders rises. In which new social and financial systems are implemented and a more caring, compassionate society will replace the old, broken one. Artificial Intelligence will make it possible for people to choose work they love. Genius innovations will ensure there is enough food, water and space for everyone. And that nature will be conserved.

This scale of change would never happen without the current state of the world. We needed a catalyser. If everything would be unicorns and rainbows, we would never bother.

We would just keep on living our peaceful lives, never thinking that we could make a difference. Never having insights in what true power we have.

We have been waiting to be saved, but all along we have been the ones we were waiting for.

My purpose is to help others find their spark. To inspire others to find that little light that shines deep within. To start acting upon it. To show people they are not helpless, but infinite and powerful. I want to inspire as many people as I can to see what I see, so we can all start living in freedom and from the heart. In alignment with who we are and what we believe in. Together we can heal our wounds and our world.

And you? What makes your heart tick? What is it that you is it that keeps you awake at night? That you want to change? What is it that you would do, write, teach, create? It does not have to be a noble course. You being happy and shining your light will already bring a positive vibe. Just be the change. And create. Use your power.

Imagine all the people.... It's really happening.



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