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7 lessons Gabby Bernstein's spirit junkie taught me

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

UPDATE: Gabrielle Bernsteins new FREE video series on owning your confidence and getting into action is now out.

Last year, I changed my life around as if hit by lightning. I decided to give in to what my heart was telling me all along: to step into my purpose and start inspiring people with what I know. I quit my event & incentive business for 13 years and started being ‘of service’. For this moment that is life- and business coaching, an online program. Inspiring people to start living from their heart and stepping into their power. Helping them remember how powerful we are once we do not let ourselves be kept back by anything anymore. Another online program in the back of my head about consciousness and awakening. Who knows a book and retreats later on. Time will tell. I embrace the ‘not knowing’ and let go of all thought based definitions and let myself be guided.

My catalyst for this path has been an online master class I followed. The Spirit Junkie Masterclass by Gabrielle Bernstein, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author. She was featured in Elle and at Oprah’s, shared a stage with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle and inspired thousands of Spirit Junkie students in recent years. A transformational course that helps you gain the confidence and tools to make a living with your highest purpose.

Little did I know this course would turn my career and life around. I had been literally feeling a call to take her course for over a year, without knowing why I would want to do an expensive online course from someone I did not know. I went to a live event with her and at one point decided not to ignore my intuition and subscribed.

‘When you shine bright, you give others permission to do the same.’

Taking Spirit Junkie Masterclass pulled me right into my power. It invoked in me a wish to follow a path that -up to then- I did not know was my path. Because I know there are so many of you wanting to follow their path, but hesitant to do so, I want to share what I learned with you.

The 7 lessons that Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie taught me:


I’ve learned that the trick of spirituality is not never falling out of your practice, but coming back fast. No normal human being can be ‘enlightened’ the whole time. Being angry, sad, unbalanced, stressed or judgmental is only human. If you accept that without further judgement, you can simply and actively make up your mind and choose again. In every moment we decide how we want to feel, how we want to speak. And this is either from a place of love or a place of fear. So when you fall out of it, choose to return to love again soon.


Being your authentic self has everything to do with alignment. When I am in alignment, I act, feel, speak my authentic self. If I am out of alignment, I act and feel different. Gabby teaches how, by starting to pay attention, you can start to notice how being in alignment feels for you and what situations, thoughts, people bring you out of it. For me, being out of alignment means I speak really fast, I don’t breathe well. On the inside, I feel just plain uncomfortable being me. When I am in alignment, I speak from my soul. Inside, I feel appreciative, grateful and relaxed. To me, this has been an eyeopener as to why sometimes I would feel on top of the world, and other moments I would feel small and insignificant. The best thing: once you know, you can realign.


One of the best things to help me overcome fear of failure is the knowledge that if I am aligned and sharing my knowledge, it is not about me. It is about my message. The information comes through me, instead of from me and flows to the person receiving it. It is never about me, about how I look, or even what I say, it is about my message and its’ value to the receiver. By knowing this, you can get out of your own way (I love that phrase too!) and just do what you have to do. A great reminder if you have a moment where you lack confidence.


I have been an enthusiastic yoga student for years. Bikram, hatha, yin, I practiced them all, but never have I experienced something like Kundalini. Kundalini yoga it is about kriya’s (series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome) in which you often sing mantra’s (which if you would have me a few years back, I would have been running away from). The meditations are mentally challenging, energetic and nothing like regular meditations. I mean, where else do you get to adapt your magnetic field so abundance will flow into your life or how to eradicate your ego. It is powerful and love it.


Gabby taught me to be unapologetic. About anything practically. About what I desire, about what I want to achieve, about being abundant, about getting paid for your creative work. She taught me how to own it, trust it. If you start to become unapologetic about what you want, the limitless abundance of all that you could be or do makes you a magical manifestor. So don’t be afraid to ask.


Anything that you really feel you have to do, that you feel very passionate about is important work. If you just know, without any doubt that you must do what you must do, then just do it. If you do important work, it needs to support you. You need to feel supported. If you have faith in the universe, you can relax in knowing that you are fully supported and you will become more confident keeping up your great work.


Perhaps my most important lesson. I had this deep wish to share my inspiration with the world. But I kept small, thinking there are already so many others in the world doing this work. So I did not rise. Gabby teaches that the world needs your particular light and energy. Yes, there are other people doing exactly what you want to do. But no one does it in your unique way. People are waiting to hear your message from you, not from someone else. And even though there are many other people sharing a similar message, people tend to hear one thing in one person’s message and another aspect in the next, complementing each other, not competing.

'There are far more people in need of your gifts than there are people giving those gifts.'

So, these are the 7 lessons that resonated with me most. I hope they inspire you to make a living with your purpose too! Remember there are always more people in need of your gifts than people giving those gifts. What is stopping you from following your own spark?



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