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TRANSFORm your life by reclaiming your freedom & inner power

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module 6





This is it

“There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it.

Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds,

ignore the complications, and just go for it.”

― Judith McNaught

If ever there was a time, this is it.

If not now, then when?

You are primed now, to know your strengths. 

To feel your power.

To know that freedom is yours to have.

You now know more than any other time that you do not have to believe the stories you tell yourself. That they are only stories. And that you can rewrite them at any time.

Because you are in charge.

That whatever happened to you is no excuse for not living your greatest life.

That you have the power to overcome anything.

That your greatest power lies in your greatest pain.

Because your pain shows you what is lacking. 

You now know what your most heartfelt desires are.

And what you can teach others.


So stop sitting on the reserve bench.

Get out in the field and play your game.

Be the captain of your life.
live it your way.

There is no one out there like you.

You were meant to be you.

Show yourself in all your colours.

Dare to shine your light.

Because your light will give others permission.

To do the same.

You now know you do not have to feel ready.

You know you will never be as ready as you are now.

You now know you do not have to know everything.

Just leap and the net will appear.

Your next steps will become clear.

As long as you take those steps.

One at a time.

And you now know that falling out is inevitable.

But not a bad thing necessarily.

Because you now know how to pick yourself up.

And move forward.

Because only when you move, things will move with you. 

Only when you take action, you will get there.

And you will get there.

Because you are ready to follow your own spark. 

It's the only one you've got.

And now is the time.

I hope you feel the power of this moment.

That you can feel the momentum.

Your spark could become a flame and change everything.

This last module is not a very large one and I suggest that to stay in this momentum, this feeling of your own inner power, you complete the module in one piece.

Let's do a meditation together.

Honouring the journey you have made in life.

Holding space for yourself and all that you are.

Today I rise

I am sure you have felt you wanted to rise. Otherwise, you would not have joined my course. I know you have felt this calling too. The knowing -even though you still might not know your exact soul purpose-, the just knowing, in all righteousness that you are here for something bigger. 

I believe we all are.

We are all here to shine our own light.

Not someone else's, but our own.

We all have our unique soul missions and our unique expressions.

With all of our unique qualities, life stories and interests combined, we are all destined to follow a different path. Our own path. 


Each one of us a link of the whole. Like a different flower in the field. Each like a drop of the ocean. 

You are here for a reason.

You are here on a mission.

And finding your freedom and your inner power are the key.

No longer being held back by yourself and by others.

Following your own spark will bring you where you need to be.

Because it is the light that shines from inside of each one of us.

That lights up the world. 

So go shine your light.

Rise, today.

Have a look at this beautiful film 'Today I rise' by Alexandra Feldner.

A piece of advice 

Before you start to create your own statement, I would like you to make yourself some promises.

Be true to yourself

From now on only say and do only that what feels in alignment with yourself.

Train yourself to feel what is in- and what is out of alignment. Train yourself to say no. Without explanations and excuses. Make a short list of answers to have ready for any kind of situations you might need them.

'No, I do not feel like it'.

'No, I don't think so.'

'I appreciate it, but no thanks.'

'I think I'll pass.'

'No, I have enough on my plate as it is.'

'No, I have other plans.'

'Thank you, not now.'

Or just smile and shake your head...


Be kind to yourself

Do not mind it if your steps feel too small, you are doing it. Be kind to yourself if things do not go as fast as you would have liked (I have to remind myself daily). Treat yourself for the effort. Do the self-care. Celebrate your small wins.


Stay in touch

Keep on feeling what you feel, allow everything you feel to be. Take on the role of the observer. Keep on investigating yourself: does it resonate with what I am doing? Am I still aligned? Is this true to me?


Leave perfectionism behind

If you have big dreams and you are anything like me, I can assure you there will be moments you are held back by perfectionism. Try to do the best you can. If it comes from your heart, it comes naturally and you take inspired action, you cannot go wrong. If you notice yourself procrastinating ask yourself: what is the one thing I can do today?


Only look to the best (but not too much)

If you must look at what others are doing, only look at the best. Try not to be to intimidated by what they have achieved. Remember success is almost never achieved overnight. Take advice only from other people who have done what you want to do. Do not take advice from nay-sayers and other people that would rather have you keep small. There is nothing there that you don’t already know.

Never stop believing

You will fall out with yourself, your confidence will waver, someone will make a negative remark that triggers your own uncertainties and bam there you are. Back to zero. This is normal. I happened to me all the time too and it still does. I just found a way to return back and connect to the confidence and inner knowing I have deep inside. I can return to gut feeling and continue doing what I do. Once you realise this, that you can return to yourself, you will feel so much lighter. Your self-doubt is a (self-imposed) illusion.

Now, let's turn to your statement.



The steps

Print out your Statement of Freedom & Inner power, preferably on A3 format (at a print shop).

YOUR statement

Of Freedom & Inner power

Proceed to your Statement of Freedom & Inner power (A3)

(or find the A4 format here).

Your BHAG (1)

Let's start at the top left corner with your BHAG, your Big Hairy Audacious Goal of module 3. 

Write down your BHAG again (not yet on your statement paper).

Remind yourself that it is your BIG life goal. Not your ea sy to reach next step.

Ask yourself:

-While writing it down, does it still feel right? 
-Have you held back?
-Can you make it bigger?

-Is it in your comfort zone or quite a bit out of it (it should!)?

-If money was no object and I were to give you a magic wand right now and everything you have ever wished was possible, is this really it?

If you need to, adapt your BHAG.

Write it down on your statement paper.

Then write down where on your journey you will be in 6 months. 

Your beliefs (2)

Go to the top middle 'My beliefs & fears' and note down the top 3 beliefs you choose to leave behind.


You do not have to be that far yet. They might be the hardest beliefs that at a deepest of levels you might need to work on for the rest of your life, but they are the ones that you most of all want to leave behind. The ones that keep you back the most.

Ask yourself:

-What are the 3 most empowering, most helpful and most igniting beliefs you hold?

-What are the ones that when you think of them, put you straight into your inner power? - -What are the turnarounds for your most persistent limiting beliefs?  

Note down the 3 positive, replacing beliefs that you want to take with you for the rest of your life.

Your focus (3)

Go to the top right and fill out your insights from module 4 about what is out of your control. What are you no longer taking responsibility for? What are you no longer accepting to get in your way?

Write those in the outer circle.

Make an active decision to only focus on what you can control from now. Only what is within your power, within your reach, within your own control.

Write those in the inner circle.

Your tools (4)

Go to the bottom right. Think about what we did last week in module 5.


Write down the 5 (or more) tools you now have in your toolbox. The 5 tools you can always access, that bring you back into alignment instantly. That, no matter how bad you feel, make you connect again with yourself.

Prepare to use them in your life.

Build your rock solid (5)

Go to the bottom left and revisit the 5 action steps you defined in module 4. 

Are you still aligned with them? Do you need them to be more practical? More aligned? Adapt them and write them down on your statement printout.

Your main statement (6)

Before you fill out the main statement I would like you to do a simple meditation you probably have not done before. It might be a bit funny or uncomfortable (so make sure you are home alone (-:).

workbook Exercise 01

Say your name

Proceed to your exercise 01 in your module 6 workbook.

Then write your name on your statement. 

Next, close your eyes. 

Tap into what you were feeling when you did the mediation at the beginning of this module.

What do you see, feel, hear, know about you that is TRUE about your 'I am'.

When you tap into your inner power, what do you JUST KNOW is the truth about you? 

Start writing.

Then go back to every module we have been through and anwer honestly: where lies your freedom?

When do you feel free?

When do you allow yourself to be YOU?

How is that happening for you?


What is it that contains your freedom?

What is it that allows you to give yourself permission?

Write it down.

What IS your inner power?

Feel what it is.

If you cannot access it, look at the 'What does the world need that I am passionate about' part of your BHAG. 

Look at your Via Character test outcome.

Look at all your notes from this course, all your workbooks.

What is your pain that you transformed into your power?

What insights has your unique story given you?

What is it you just HAVE TO SHARE with the world?

What is it that you JUST KNOW?


Write that down too. 

Now say your statement out loud a few times.

Really do it. It is science backed that what you say things out loud you can motivate yourself more to move foward with your goals, help you focus and remember it better.


Tape your statement to a wall, at a place where you can see it often.

Go back to it, when you need to. Say it out loud again.

A letter of love

Now, at the end of your course, I have one final assignment for you. It is a letter to yourself. 

workbook exercise 02

A letter to yourself

Proceed to exercise 02 in your module 6 workbook.





Be your own inspiration

The path of self-awareness is a life-long one. For years I have been getting my inspiration and motivation from books, the internet, films, courses. 

Coming to the end of this course I will leave you a list of resources to keep on following your own spark.


Decide for yourself though.

What inspires one person does not resonate with someone else.

Also, I have read books in my life that did not ring a bell, only to read them again years later gaining powerful insights that were not there before.

Allow yourself to be guided.

What I do most of the time is let myself be guided by certain books, articles, subjects.

And then I notice synchronicities and I feel this is what I need to do, read or hear or.

And sometimes, the best advice is to do not read, hear or watch anything but your own inner voice, your own intuition, your own voice.

It knows best.

And I am sure you have come to trust that too.


My inspiration

Seet the resource list in your module 6 workbook.



Keep on telling yourself positive beliefs.

Keep focussing only on what you can control.

Keep remembering who you are.

Keep coming back into alignment.

Keep on track with your small steps.

Keep on following your own spark.

I wish you love,




Why are we here?


Where are we going?

What is my role?

LEARN about The deeper wisdom of Who we really are

& HOW to BE a light worker

expand your consciousness



⋆embracing your multidimensionality⋆

Because your small drop can create a ripple that

gains momentum to build a current that is insurmountable

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