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My documentary

Currently in Dutch only.

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'We stand at the birth of a new Millenium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth of the miseries of disease, and harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.' 


Question: do you know what you are really here for?


I was talking to someone in February, before the 'world as we know it' changed. I told her I have always known I have a role in spreading consciousness. That I already did what I believed I had to do, but that there was still a different role, a greater task ahead. That I was waiting for some kind of sign or call. That I had no idea what it was, but that I was confident that I would know once the time came.


Two weeks later we had this course of events raging the world and I knew: this is it!

If not now, then when?

It became the title of the YouTube documentary I made. Literally pulled together in a months' time. My first documentary. Never had a clue that I would be doing that, but I did -with three homeschooling children on the go. Apparently that is what happens if you take inspired action (-:


It has over 12.000 views now and I received hundreds and hundreds of personal messages from people thanking me for making it. Heartfelt notes, sometimes emotional ones, telling me how I uplifted them, how they felt as if I told them their own story, finally felt understood. Many people feel the call.


My teachings have always been about speaking your truth. About living from your inner power, living a free life. To a greater extent, all these things have more meaning now. They are now more important than ever and it is my deepest purpose to share that with the world.


That is the message of my documentary.

We have a beautiful future ahead of us, but the journey there asks for you to rise too. To stand up and share your truth with the world. Whatever it is that you feel you have to do. That what only you can do.


It is time! Let me know if you

too feel the call.

If you know you are ready to do what you came here to do and want to talk to me about it. If on the other hand, our current reality challenges your beliefs and your sense of inner peace, feel free to contact me too.


As there are so many people in need of guidance now, I created an hourly service too, where we can speak on Zoom about what is going on with you. I'm here to assist you in your process. Send me an e-mail to set it up.

No longer let your beliefs, doubts, or limitations keep you small. Everything you need is already inside of you.

I can help you find the courage to fearlessly create the life you want ánd offer your contribution to the world.

Because, if not now, then when? 

Find out how I can help you

Your spark could

become a flame

and change everything

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