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Bust through fears & limiting beliefs | Let go of what does
not serve you | become your authentic self | 
Follow your soul mission | take inspired action


Wij zijn geconditioneerd om ons tegen te laten houden bij onze dromen. Door hoe we opgevoed zijn, door wat anderen zeggen, en het meeste nog door onze eigen gedachten en overtuigingen. Dus houden we onszelf klein.


Deze lessen helpen je dat te veranderen. Het mooie is dat je alles hiervoor al in huis hebt. Door eerlijk te kijken naar wat je tegenhoudt, je authentieke zelf te durven laten zien, te luisteren naar je intuïtie en geïnspireerde actie te nemen verander jij je mindset én je leven.


Met praktische tools die voor jou werken kom je én blijf je in alignment met wie je werkelijk bent. Follow your Own Spark. Daarin ligt je vrijheid en je inner power. 

De lessen vinden plaats in de comfortabele, lichte ruimte van De Bewustzijn School aan de Keizersgracht 467 en zijn inclusief thee, water & healthy snacks.


We are conditioned to keep ourselves from following our dreams. By how we are raised, by what others tell us and mostly by our own thoughts and limiting beliefs. So, we decide to keep ourselves small.


These lessons help you change that. The beautiful thing is that everything is already inside of you. By honestly looking at your limitations, daring to show your authentic self, listening to your intuition and taking inspired action, you change your mindset AND your life.


Practical tools help you come back into alignment with who you truly are. Follow Your Own Spark. That is where your freedom an inner power lie.

The lessons take place at the comfortable, light space of De Bewustzijn School at Keizersgracht 467 and include tea, water & healthy snacks.


I am Karina


Ik heb in mijn leven -ondanks of juist dankzij mijn story- altijd mijn eigen weg gevolgd. Waar anderen vaak twijfelen over de stappen die ze zullen nemen of over wat ze nou precies willen in het leven, volg ik gewoon mijn hart en spring in het diepe. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Waar ik jarenlang op wilskracht heb gevaren, ervaar ik de laatste jaren dat ik vanuit mijn innerlijke kracht verder kom. En dichter bij mezelf. Mijn sterk ontwikkelde intuïtie en vermogen om door te zetten helpen me daarbij. Het is mijn soul mission anderen te leren ook vanuit hun hart te gaan leven en de concrete stappen te zetten die daarvoor nodig zijn.


In life, I have always followed my own spark, despite- or thanks to- my story. Where others procrastinate the steps to take or are indecisive about what they want in life, I just follow my heart and dive into the deep. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Where I lived by willpower for many years, I have come to rely more and more on my inner power. It brought me closer to myself too. It is my soul mission to inspire others to live from their heart too and teach them the practical steps to do so.

'I believe you can transform whatever
is holding you back, not by becoming someone else, but by daring to become yourself.'


Karina has the biggest heart and her purpose in life is to share and give all that she has learned in her lifetime. In her sessions, she gives you mounds of material in order for you to choose which tools will be the most useful for your journey to self-confidence. One comes out of them full of information, inspiration, and enthusiasm to really go for one’s goals. But at the same time, she also teaches you to ground yourself, to accept where you are in the process, to find the peace and stillness in which one can make the best decisions. The coaching program is very well organized, full of material into which one can dig deeper and is the first stepping stone to creating one’s dreams.

Zoë, personal trainer, Amsterdam

Karina has been an inspiration to me since I met her. She is a believer in dreaming big and making it happen. Almost everybody has a point in life where they have to find the best version of themselves. Sometimes I struggle on this new path and tend to fall back into old patterns which do not fit me anymore but are safe and secure. Karina is the one who believes in me and motivates me to stick to my new plan. It might be scary but as they say: 'a ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for'. Karina encourages me to tackle my fears and teaches me that if you really believe in yourself you can do it. Just meet Karina and let her show you how to find the spark in your life.

Anette, social entrepreneur, Amsterdam

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