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Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, depression, sleeping disorders and modern-day diseases: so many people are struggling to find balance in life.


You cannot live from your inner power if you do not first make feeling good a priority. Your mental and emotional balance is so important for a joyful life, to feel free and be ready to step into your best life!

Do you want to:

✔️ actively stay healthy and be fit? 

✔️ better cope with everyday challenges, sleep problems and stress?

✔️ restore the balance between your body, mind, and soul?

✔️ embrace a more holistic approach to your wellbeing and health?
✔️ experience more joy and vitality, while improving your self-esteem?

✔️ reclaim your natural state of peace and serenity?
✔️ find a medically approved solution to battle depression, anxiety, migraine, chronic pain or fibromyalgia?

✔️ release old emotional patterns and bust through blocks?

✔️ raise your frequency and tap into your inner power and higher consciousness?

'Let your health become
your new wealth.'

What would it mean to you if you could take back control over your life, health, and wellbeing? 

If you could undo the effects of stress and imbalances?

If you could restore your inner peace with one simple device? 

Healy can do that for you.


Healing - the quantum way

What is Healy?

Healy is new and exciting. Not many people know about it, but that will change rapidly. It is going to change the way we look at health & wellness. 


I was introduced to Healy a while back by a holistic health practitioner and I immediately knew that this is something we have all been waiting for. And now I use in my own business, to help other people even more and empower them to step into their inner power and best version of themselves.

Healy is a certified medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and migraine as well as mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders. The list of other successful applications is long, but they are (not yet!) recognized, due to the lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. 


Healy is a portable bio-resonance device. By stimulating cells in the body bio-energetically with the right frequencies, the self-healing capacities of the body and mind are activated. How that works? Read more here.

I use the Healy every day to restore my physical and mental balance, to detox, release limiting beliefs and boost my immune system. My boyfriend and children regularly fight over it (-:  My family uses it to battle colds, the flu, headaches and to relax or get in a better mood.

Experience Healy yourself

You can purchase your own Healy and treat yourself and your family or clients whenever you want, or you can book a healing session with me (live consult only). 


  • I use the Healy Resonance to make an extensive analysis of your physical health and a reading of your chakra system.

  • Accordingly, a healing will follow. Healy will run a combination of one or more programs that your body or mind are in need of most. During the healing part of the session, you can lay back and simply enjoy. It is a very relaxing experience.

  • A session lasts 75-90 minutes and takes place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (you can buy your own if you do not live close to me).

  • A special introduction price for first-time visitors applies. Follow up sessions include a detailed report and suggestions. Introduction sessions include a basic report.


I also offer quantum frequency coaching sessions, in which I combine the results of your Healy analysis with my coaching tools for a one of a kind in-depth coaching session. Working with Healy enables you to work on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers at the same time, which is very powerful.


Are you ready to reclaim your freedom & inner power?

HEALY frequency therapy

What is frequency therapy?

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with quantum physics - the sheer knowledge that we are all one and that everything is energy. That everything is frequency. And that everything is connected.

It is nothing new. It is science, not spirituality. Nikola Tesla’s made it his life’s work. Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize with it.


Frequency therapy in itself is nothing new either. In the thirties, scientists discovered that they could destroy disease-causing microorganisms with the same frequency they emitted. Later on, bio-resonance therapy took a flight.

What is new though, is that science and technology are now evolving in unparalleled and exponential ways that make new breakthrough technologies available to all of us. One of these technologies is Healy. With Healy, you are not obliged to go to expensive therapists or by expensive, bulgy machines. Healy is a small wearable, that fits in the palm of your hand. That you can bring with you anywhere and that has all 144.000 (!) healing frequencies of it's bigger brothers.


How does frequency therapy work?

All systems, persons, organs, cells, diseases, viruses, bacteria, even your emotions have their own frequency.


It is much the same as when I call you, and I dial your number, out of all the millions of mobile phones in the world, only your phone rings. With frequency therapy, the Healy sends healing frequencies to your body and your cells start resonating with this frequency, activating the self-restorative capacities of the body.


Healy is a quality product developed in cooperation with doctors and practitioners and produced in Germany. It goes without saying that it meets or exceeds all the necessary quality and safety regulations. Healy is a Class IIa medical device and fulfills all required tests and mandatory standards for efficacy and safety.

Disclaimer: Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.


LONNEKE, Chakra dance coach

Karina heeft me een healing gegeven met de Healy. Ik vond het echt bizar welke thema's naar boven kwamen door de chakra reading. Ik geef zelf dansles gebaseerd op de chakras, dus ik was erg benieuwd naar de lezing en ik ben positief verrast door de werking en de heling die daarop volgde. Thanks Karina, voor de fijne kennismaking met de Healy!

hans, banker

I use the Healy for more balance, to restore my body after sports or exertion, heal from minor injuries or simply to relax after a busy day. A frequency session with the Healy Analyzer gives you a clear insight about what improvements you can make for your body and mind.

What others say about Healy

jette, owner fabriekauthentiek

Ontzettend interessant om een Healy frequency session te doen bij Karina! Als ondernemer vind ik het ontzettend belangrijk om mijn eigen energie hoog te houden, alleen dan kan ik het beste aan mijn klanten geven. Tijdens de sessie heb ik veel opgestoken over energie, waar voor mij optimaliseringsslagen te behalen zijn én hoe ik m.b.v. Healy mijn eigen energie hoog kan houden. Na de sessie voelde ik me 'opgeruimd', energieker en heb ik heerlijk geslapen. Ontzettend interessante ervaring die ik iedereen aanraad! 

Karina, owner Follow your own spark

I use the Healy every day to restore my physical and mental balance, to detox, to release limiting blocks and to boost my immune system. My family uses it to battle colds,

 headaches and to relax or get in a better mood. My boyfriend and our children regularly fight over it (-: 

MIJKE, owner soulplay

It was quite an experience, being “read” by the Healy. It seems to work simple, but it gives so much recognizable information! Therefore we immediately had a meaningful conversation. Karina explains everything very clearly. She makes you feel at ease with her lively and open personality. The device is programmed to raise my frequency in specific areas. At that moment I didn’t feel a lot, but in the days after I felt more relaxed and like I could breathe more. Healy is supposed to work for migraines (among other things), so I will be back to test that as well! Thank you Karina!


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